A ball crusher to apply a light force to your damaged testicles

Hey baby you're home late. I bet you are exhausted after working so long. You really have been putting in the hours lately haven't you?

I understand you have to work but I feel you have been neglecting me recently so I am afraid you can't go to bed yet. First you need to be punished. You being away have troubled me so you need to accept the blame and that you deserve to be punished. I have though of a punishment that I think is fair and I want you to be accepting of it.

Firstly I will administer 100 kicks to your testicles with full force. This will be very painful and I will be trying to damage your testicles as much as possible. Then I will tie you to the dining room table with your legs apart and so you can't move. After that I will use a ball crusher to apply a light crushing force to your damaged testicles. I have 5 long needles and I will push each one though both of your testicles while they are in the crusher.

Once you have felt the 5 needles pierce your testicles I will tighten the crusher a little and leave you like that all night. The combination of the damage from the kicks, the needles and the crusher will cause you unbearable pain. I will gag you so your screams of pain don't keep me up tonight. You will lie on the table alone and in great pain until the morning. Then I will let you out and you can go to work.

I know you want some sleep but it is more important you are properly punished. It may be possible for you to fall asleep towards the end if you are very tired but I don't think you will be able too. I want you to learn from this punishment and accept it needs to be cruel. Take off all your clothes and stand with your legs apart. I want to start the kicking but first you should apologize and thank me for giving you should a long a slow punishment.

Now stand there while I tenderize your testicles ready for the crusher.

Damage to the balls from kicks and the crusher