A better man was making love to my wife

I had no Idea it would be so... PASSIONATE! He came in, opened her blouse and lifted her skirt He then laid her down as he opened his shirt and unzipped. I caught a brief glimpse of just how... BIG he is before he lay down onto of my wife!

Her body shuddered as he entered her.... and he moved so gracefully as she responded... He kept whispering to her as she wrapped him up in his tie, not wanting to let him go! Their breath was heavy as their bodies moved with each other!

He was not having sex with her... he was making LOVE to her, and I was the intruder. Slightly embarrassed and with a lot of remorse, I left them together in our bed and shut the door. I also felt ashamed, not because a better man was making love to my wife, but that I was turned on by the immensely erotic sight and I felt like a voyeur...

He lay down onto of my wife