A chastity device is hold in your drawer, isnt it?

I think we all tend to do the same. Wife away for a week, means to ease on house chores. It's not needed to do the bed everyday, to change the towels, to do the bathroom and the kitchen... you know.

I chat with my wife every night using messenger and she uses to ask me about the house. I obviously lie saying all is tidy and right. There is not need to worry her!

I think she was a bit suspicious because yesterday, late in the evening, my mother in law dropped "a cake for my breakfast" on her way home. (What kind of her!) She saw I was drinking a beer while watching TV in the sitting room and without a word, walked all the house around. I was in a hurry behind her, trying pointlessly to keep the doors closed.

She finally stopped in the bathroom facing me. "So is this what a tidy house means for you? My daughter was right. She knows you pretty well but I find it a bit disappointing, dear. I am sorry to say that she gave me very precise instructions about how to act in this case. (giggles) A chastity device is hold in your drawer, isnt it? Go, get it and come back here. Don't look me like that do you want me to phone my daughter?"

Pretty embarrassed I left he bathroom and came back "Now drop your pants and fix it by yourself; I am not sure about how it works. Wait a moment! My daughter said there were some spikes to attach.

Where are they? You have not brought them? Go back to your room, then"

I had to make a second trip to my room, even more ashamed than before, and go back in front of her to lock my penis in spikes. "Now, she said you have to hand two keys" She suspiciously checked both of them matched the lock and fiercely pulled from the device extreme making me howl in pain. "Sorry dear, but I have to be sure it's safe. I would advice you to start dealing with this mess. Who knows, your wife could ask me tomorrow to come back to inspect. Otherwise you will be going to visit me more later than sooner to ask me for these keys back. Won't you, dear?"

There were some spikes to attach to the device