A week locked in chastity when the tasks are not done according to her standards

Hello honey. Had a nice day? I have just arrived from work also.

I was going to change into something more comfortable, but I am a bit shocked. I remember my hubby saying this morning when I was leaving that I hadn't to worry about the bed, that I would find it done in the evening and... well this is not what I would call a done bed. What do you think?

It became a bit late and you had to go to work? You had to it a bit in a hurry? So you thought that you were going to arrive home earlier than I, with time enough to do it better?

And do you remember a bit earlier in the morning, when we still were in bed and the alarm started to sound? Didn't I tell you, that you should get up? And do you remember what happens when the task are not done according with my standards?

Yes dear, a week locked in chastity and this time, two additional week for lying me in the morning.

Prepare the stuff needed while I change myself. I'll be back in a minute.

Two additional weeks of chastity for lying her