All hery weight is now on your testicles

feel your balls starting to be flattight and secure. Tying string around the base testicles ensures they can't escape and remain still when the crushing begins. Just keep your balls on the wood block and we will begin. Currently all my weight is on my heel but now your testicles are under the front of my shoe I'll begin to shift my weight on them.

I'm not going to lie this is going to be very painful and even if your testicles are still intact at the end they will be heavily damaged. There is a chance they could rupture but I am willing to risk it. The thing is if one ruptures then there is no way one ball can support me so they will both fail. Gut lets just hope it does not come to that for you.

Right then lets begin. I'll slowly start to move my weight onto your testicles. There we go nice and slow, I can feel your balls starting to be flattened this is when you should feel the first real pain. Its ok just grit you teeth and take the pain it's going to get a lot worse most of my weight is still on my heel.

Let's increase the weight on your balls. You felt that didn't you? I bet that really hurts now, you know most of my body is now standing on your balls. Your doing so well babe I hope you don't pass out I want us both to experience this together. Wow I can see your balls bulging out of the side of my shoe.

Ok let's move all the weight onto your balls. This is going to be very painful so it is ok if you scream out. Here we go slowly does it; I bet you can feel the weight gradually increase can't you? Your testicles must be just about flat but you need just a little more. Ok here we go.....

Wow we've done it. All my weight is now on your testicles! You are doing really well I am so proud of you sweetie. The pain looks intense you're really suffering. Gut you can handle it which is good because I am in no rush to stop this. Every second I am stood on your balls is causing more damage and extending your recovery time. I wonder if any of the damage will be permeant? Now that's a fun idea the thought of this permanently lowering your sperm count only makes we want to continue this punishment. 0 well permanent damage it is then.

Lamina good mood so I'll let off before your testicles collapse but I am sure you can take another minute or two. I reckon the next two minutes are going to be the longest you have ever had. Look on the bright side at least the pain is putting your mind off the idea of your testicles rupturing.

Shall we increase the weight on your balls?