Am I releasing you from your chastity belt now?

Ok, my son in law. I accept these one thousand longhand lines you have written for me during this weekend. They are neat and clear It can be sound a bit kinky and weird of me, but I think is very important to set the rules of the house.

Those rules you are to follow while your wife is overseas and you are going to live with me and I have to say that to handwrite lines, always showed as an effective pedagogical method in my times as former teacher. So just to be sure, tell me what have you learnt while writing? That's it. "ft is compietiy forbiden to cum, without previous request and granted permission" Am I releasing you from your chastity belt now? Of course not, sweetheart! How you dare to...!

The spare key my daughter has left me, is to be used in emergency case only, she made herself clear when she left! The lines were just a reminder for you. Anyway I see you have other rules to learn. So take your notebook and copy on a new page: "ft is compieteiy forbiden to ask for ref ease of my chastity beit without justified emergency cause" A thousand times again, to be handed tomorrow night, before bedtime.

Daughter left me the spare key to your chastity device