Asian women can get addicted to white guys

It's scary how Asian women can get addicted to white guys... Mint, wife of a very rich and reputable man in Asia, lead a very comfortable and extravagant life. In fact, she was a well-known arrogant and snobbish lady, looking down on other men whom she thought were never good enough to even speak to her.

But since she joined a English class, she had changed totally. Since then, she sleeps around with white guys, ONLY white men. But ANY white men. In fact, she feels she is not worthy of white men, despite her wealth and high education level. She even begs white homeless men to bed her.

Here, she has brought home Ken, a mover in her hubby's company. She has decided to stop hiding from her hubby. Even if she were to lose all her money and assets, she was alright, as long as she could sleep with white men.

"Ok Ken, you ready to show my worthless asian hubby how to fuck like a real man?" she asked Ken.

Ken replied "Of course. But you better pay me the remaining $800 for fucking your worthless chink pussy"

Mint frowned, "Ok... will pay you as always..."

Asian wife sleeps around with white guys