Ballbusting punishments are going to be an important part of your relationship

You should take off your clothes and we will begin time together your a great boyfriend. I really liked our day today it was so sweet of you to take me to the mall shopping and not try and rush me like other men do. The only thing is I was talking with one of my friends and she said you were asking questions about me. She said it was really cute that you wanted to know what I like so you could plan a perfect date.

I did enjoy the date but I think it was a bit dishonest of you. I still like you and want to be with you but I have thought about this and think you should be punished. I will punish you by inflicting pain on your testicles by kneeing and kicking them repeatedly or ballbusting you. Ballbusting punishments are going to be an important part of our relationship. If you do something even slightly wrong you are to tell me and it will result in a punishment. The more serious the thing you did wrong the more damage and pain your testicles will feel.

Even for small incidents I think it is important for the punishment to be painful and slow. That way you will learn from it. I take this seriously and sometimes intentionally inflict lasting damage to your testicles. I cause them to swell up and bruise as part of even the lightest punishment. On occasion I will deliberately cause your testicles internal bleeding. This is to inflict even more pain and cause your recovery time to be a lot longer.

Another thing is you don't need to worry about how hard your kicks will be as I always kick full force. I feel it is important that every time I kick you I do it as hard as I can. Being a perfectionist if a kick is not on target or not quite full force I will repeat it. As a result of these standards most punishments will be very painful and destructive for you. You may also be required to suffer permanent testicle damage if I feel it is appropriate. I hope this all sounds fair to you?

I am glad you see that. We are going to have a great relationship together. Now for todays punishment. Normally I would say 100 kicks to the testicles is fair but I don't have my shoes on so I'll make it 140 kicks. That should cause your testicles some pretty bad swelling but it is important we do this. You should know that I require you to remain standing for the entire punishment. If you fall down I will add additional kicks.

I am glad we agree on all this I want to be with you and I am glad you accept this way of life. Testicle pain is going to be an important part of your life now.

You should take off your clothes and we will begin.

She always busting balls with full force