Before she castrate you she would like to torture your testicles first

Shall we start your castrationus about this. I have never castrated a man before. Sure I have kicks his balls or stomped them but never intentionally ruptured them. But I have always wanted too.

You seam a little scared yourself is it the pain you fear or the loss of your manhood? Either way you're doing really well and I can see you are trying to be brave for me. The ropes seam to be doing a good job of holding you in place, there is no way you could escape. You are trapped here with me and with your testicles resting on that step waiting to be squished.

Before I castrate you I would like to torture your testicles first. Using these heels I will stomp, grind and crush them. At least you get to keep your testicles for another couple of hours, even if it is so they can feel pain. I can't wait to hear you scream and as your testicles are being destroyed I can inflict savage amounts of pain before they pop. Your sacrifice will give me huge enjoyment and pleasure.

Then when your testicle is heavily damaged I will pop them one at a time. I will place one under my shoe and slowly apply weight to it. Then I will feel it give way under me. I was thinking I could joy with your last ball applying pressure only to ease off at the last second. I wonder if you will beg me to spare it? Then when I have had my fun I'll crush it as well. Then no more balls. Squish, Squish.

Shall we start your castration?

She have never castrated a man before