Bitch just used to kicking with heels so without them it is taking a lot more effort

Wow you are really taking these kicks well aren't you? I am nearly out of breath.

You have stood there as commanded with your hands behind your back and taken each kick to the testicles so well. Your balls are not even that swollen and I have been kicking you hard. I suppose I am just used to kicking with heels so without them it is taking a lot more effort to do the same amount of damage. I see you are in pain but years of testicle torture has taught you how to take pain.

Your wife has asked me to destroy your testicles with bare feet so it takes longer and you suffer more. I like the idea but it will take ages to rupture them both at that rate and I don't think I have the energy. I could just stand on them but that would be too quick and I to want to see you painfully punished.

I would normally just wear some good heels but I did not bring any with me so I can't use them. The thing is I really don't want to take you back until your testicles are completely destroyed and are unusable. There must be a way I can castrate you that is easy as well as slow and painful for you. Do you have any ideas?

That's a great idea I can put a hair tie around your testicles so they can't move when struck. They will stay still and absorb all the force of the impact for each kick. I can't believe I did not think of that myself. This will make it much easier to destroy your testicles plus it will still be very painful for you.

Thanks for helping me find a way to castrate you, you're a good friend. I would like you to remain standing as I continue your punishment, however to reward your good deed once I have ruptured your first testicle you can take the rest on the ground.

I have to reduce them to total mush so they can't ever be used again. This will be very painful so lying down will make it a bit easier for you. Quickly put the hair tie around your balls and I will continue the kicks.

Is the hair tie on nice and tight?

Good then I will continue your castration.

Cruel bitch will continue your castration