Can you try not to scream too much after each kick she gives to your crotch?

What was that? I think I heard a squishing sound come from your balls. You look really pale as well are you ok?

Wow your balls are not looking good. I have really caused some damage to them. They are covered in bruises and are very swollen. I don't think I have ruptured one yet but when you kick a pair of testicles this hard and this many times there is always that chance. I'll keep an eye on them but I am not going to stop kicking you or kick you softer. I am going to continue as long as I think you deserve.

It was a great idea to tie you up, hanging from the ceiling with your legs apart. It really has made this a lot easier for me. You are an obedient slave and you always let me ballbust you without question. The problem is you some time collapse on the floor before I have given you all the kicks I have wanted. Some times it is important to inflict some real damage to your testicles and the ropes let me do that. I think we both win, you don't have to worry about falling over and I get to cause as much damage as I please.

I know you want me to stop but all this talk about ruptured testicles has got me on the idea on it now. I was thinking I could keep kicking until one ruptures then I'll stop. I have always wanted to pop a ball so now I can. I wonder if a testicle makes a popping sound of if it is a squishing sound. I suppose we both can find out.

I know what I am doing to you is painful but can you try not to scream too much after each kick? I really want to hear what happens when a ball ruptures. You know if you make too much noise then I'll just have to pop the other one don't you. Lets hope if does not come to that.


Your busted balls are not looking good