Come back with your chastity device's box

Hubby, have you had a look at this lawn?

To rack the garden up, was in today's chores list, wasn't it?

But despite of that, you ask permission to go to have dinner with your lads!

Sorry dear, but you will not do such thing.

Better get inside, call your friends to excuse yourself, turn the garden's lights on and come back, in your birthday suit, with a leaf bag and your chastity device's box, please.

I hope that a night of work outside while the padlock jingles against its cage, will teach you to put your duties before your amusement.

Don't try to get back inside, I will lock the door and switch the alarm on, so I will see you in the morning.

Fortunately for you, it looks like you are going to enjoy a nice, warm, starry and... long night.

By the way, I am not sure, but I think I have seen our neighbours' car parked in the street.

Maybe they are back from their vacation.

If you see them at their window behind the fence, don't forget to give them a wave.

Teach you to put your duties before your amusement