Come to me, she pled silently, come fuck me, master

It shocked her how horny it made her when he had her wait like this. He was the craziest lover she'd ever had. At first the slave thing had just seemed like a little game, but then she started getting off on it like nothing before.

He certainly knew how to make her hot - maybe even better that she did. She always came with him. She'd had orgasms before- on occasion. But nothing at all like the big intense wrenching orgasms that he gave her. Every time! They totally consumed her! She felt the cold steel cuffs binding her & ached for his touch, soon-when.

She could just hear him in the other room. He made her wait so. The waiting was like foreplay - it made her so hot. She was wet & so ready. She wondered if he'd spank her today. Twice he'd spanked her. She'd initially been shocked her to her core to be struck by him. But then it warmed her & she came, she climaxed from his spanking!

And the sex afterwards on her sore bum had been so intense. Her knees wobbled thinking about it. She heard the door & his footfalls. Would he take her now or torment & build her excitement longer. Maybe he'd clamp her nipples again, oh how they drove her insane- insanely hot! She listened, nothing! Come to me she pled silently, come fuck me master - Please!

She was wet and so ready