Complain about how uncomfortable you feel in your chastity tube

I can hardly believe it! Are you seriously calling me up at midnight, just to complain about how uncomfortable you feel in your bussines journey, locked up in chastity?

Blah, blah, blah...yes honey, you always bring the same stuff up, whenever the chastity device is needed. So better save your words, I am sleepy.

Of course I am not sending your key by courier service tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow, nor in the whole journey! Just consider yourself lucky, thinking about how much more tight and uncomfortable your weenie would feel in case you were here looking at me, in my silky dressing gown!

So just relax and sleep tight. I promise you at least a couple of weeks of long and uncomfortable nights, because this little tantrum will cost you to keep your chastity belt in place it is, by the time you are back.

Aren't you going to send me a goodnight kiss, darling?

Keep your chastity belt in place