Cuckold husband gives you to strangers like me to play with | Cuckold stories

So this is some sort of sex game you two play? He gives you to strangers like me to play with, & I get to take you home & fuck your ever loving brains out & then you run back home & fuck him senseless?"

"Something like that..." the woman grinned & purred softly as I casually peeled back her dress for a peak. "Cool game! And I can do anything I want with you?" She nodded, a little nervously.

"I see, and its strangers every time is it?" She shook her head.

"Oh, so I've a shot at a repeat engagement do I ?" She smiled broadly.

"Maybe, but first we'll just have to see how today goes, won't we?" With a broad grin he nodded.

Giving up wife to strangers

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