Cuckold husband won't mind lover getting you knocked up

It's a common fetish among men for them to be into pregnant women. The reason is that deep inside; the sight of a pregnant woman is a turn-on.

To a man, if he gets you pregnant, Mother Nature provided a way to keep him into you, by making your curvy body, your full breasts and your glowing skin attractive to him. Once you're pregnant, your man will want you even more. He can't help it; it's in his very nature. So don't worry about your lover getting you knocked up. Your cuckold husband won't mind. In fact, he'll love you even more, and find that his desire for you grows and grows!

You can use this to control him even more. As he licks your lover's cum from between your legs, remind him that it's not his baby, but that he will raise it as his own. He'll want you so much that he'll be willing to do anything you tell him. And your control over him will grow just a little more...

Men are into pregnant women