Do all the housework while she is going to be fucked by another man

Bye-bye hubby! Thanks for dropping me off. Don't worry, he's going to take very good care of me all weekend. I'll go check into my room and chage into something revealing and sexy for him. I'll text you and let you know how many times he f ucks me tonight!

We're going to go out to dinner, go dancing, and its going to be very romantic. I'm going to give my body to him, and let him live out his sexual fantasies with me. When you're at home doing the dusting and the vacuuming, think about how I'll be spread out on the bed, letting him insert his cock into my wet pussy.

Of course, we won't be using condoms, so when you come to pick me up on Monday morning, I could very well be pregnant with his baby already! Have a fun weekend by yourself, dressing up in my clothes, and doing all the housework.

And thanks for giving me your credit card, so I can pay for the hotel room, all our meals, and maybe even a nice gift for him at the end to thank him for what he's going to do for me (and to me)! Bye-bye hon. See you Monday!

Thanks for dropping your wife on a dare