Do you remember what I told you when I agreed to cuckold you?

OK, hubby, do you remember what I told you when I agreed to cuckold you? I told you that I never wanted you to call me a slut, a whore, or make any allusions or accusations to that nature if I agreed to make you a cuckold. The penalty would be one of your balls. Well, last night, you did cross the line!

Oh, you didn't come out and say it, but when my friends asked me what was your problem and told me the things you said, I had to do some pretty fast talking! I want NO ONE to know what I'm doing for you! I didn't want to fuck other men! YOU were the one that wanted this. I knew that in a matter of time you'd get jealous and bitchy about it!

And now that it's dawned on you that I like cuckolding you, you are getting that way, and you almost let the beans spill last night! Fortunately, I just told them you were cranky because you're Impotent and need that little blue pill to get it up! They believed that...

But now for your punishment. You are going to lose one of your balls. I talked to Sheila, my doctor friend. She gave me Instructions on how to de-ball you, but I'm afraid it's going to take about 5 to 6 hours and be very painful. Once I'm done, we'll take you to her clinic where she can snip your pulped nut and start to heal you up. Oh, don't struggle!

My Dad was a navy man, and he taught me all sorts of sturdy knots! You're not going anywhere. Now I'll be back in a moment to remove the hot towels from your balls. They'll be soft and spongy so I can get at your little nuggets easier.

When I get back, I'll let you pick: right or left. And while we're doing this, remember, dear hubby: You'll only have one left and I'd hate to have to do this to you again...

You are going to lose one of your balls