Do you want to watch me fuck another man?

"You know honey - I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all weekend. Would you really want me to do that? Do you want to watch me fuck another man? Would that be real hot for you?"

Nicola purred from the bed as I undressed. "Yeah, I think it'd be incredibly hot!" he admitted to his wife as she laid waiting for him with her sex legs swaying, shit just talking about it was firing him up. "Could you do that?"

"For you... yeah probably. I mean it's not like I want other men, but if it'd made you happy... it could be kinda kinky-Like when I flashed those kids playing hoops for you last month." "That was totally wild!" Those kids just loved it! You really do have great boob's babe." She giggled sexily.

"Who?" she whispered. "Who am I supposed to fuck? Got someone in mind?" He shrugged & slid in bed with her, "oh look at you all hard & ready, just talking about it has gotten you all excited I see!" And then her lips surrounded his cock.

Would you really want me to cuckold you?