Firstly she is to ballbust you until both your testicles are badly damaged

Wait a second I have something I need to talk to you about. I am a bit nervous so I am just going to be honest with you.

Ever since you gave me access to the company accounts I have been making small payments to myself. It has only been small amounts but I was found out. I confessed it was me and admitted everything to management. They said they would just give me a warning if I paid it all back which I have done now. The only thing is they are angry that you were not monitoring me. Now I am really sorry to say this and feel very bad about it but they have asked me to punish you.

Given the severity of the offence they have requested a rather cruel punishment. Firstly I am to ballbust you until both your testicles are badly damaged and close to rupture. Then I am to put you in a crush box and using my heels I am to destroy one of your testicles. I am to force my heel through your testicle over and over until it is mush. I am to use these pointed heels and do it very slowly so you feel everything.

Look I never wanted this and I am so sorry but I have to punish you. I also have to make it pronged and very painful as well.

I see you are upset but we have to do this and you probably should have watched me more. I have prepared a letter for you to sign saying you accept full responsibility for the incident and agree with the punishment. I have also put a part at the end saying you request the punishment to be drawn out and made as painful as possible for you. If you sign it will help my career and show management you are sorry. I think it is for the best will you sign?

Thanks for agreeing I think it is the right thing to do. This is going to be awkward for us both I think. We have known each other for so long now I have to torture your testicles and destroy one of them. We have booked an appointment at the hospital for when I have finished destroying the chosen testicle so we should get started. I think I will kick you in the balls to begin with. I have always been good at kicking testicles and think it would be a good way to damage them.

Take off your clothes and get ready. Good now I expect you to remain standing with your legs spread and your hands behind your back. You will remain like this until I say otherwise while I carry out the punishment. I am glad you have accepted this is your fault and you deserve what is about to happen to you.

Shall we start?

She have to torture your testicles and destroy one of them