For 40 minutes Fred worked his hands over her naked body

For 40 minutes Fred worked his hands over her naked body. He rubbed oils, massaged the tension from her shoulders and used his many hours of experience hitting just the right spot on her clit to give her that small tiggling orgasm she loved so much. Finally her breath grew deeper and he knew she had drifted to sleep.

Fred returned to the couch and adjusted the metal chastity cage around his swollen aching balls. Holly had been very particular lately, leaving him wondering desperately if he'd done well enough for her to place a star on the calendar when she got up tomorrow. He desperately hoped so, as he was only 2 stars away from finally relieving his blue balls from their 6 weeks of imprisonment. He was already 9 days over his previous record, and dying for his 24 hours of unfettered freedom.

NO NO NO, he must not think of that! Too late... just the thought of a day off to sate his pent up lust had awoken his locked up penis, and the all too familiar useless straining against its prison bars began.

she had drifted to sleep