Friend sent me this photo of my fiancee

My wife's best friend, Jackie, hosted a bachelor party, in my soon-to-be-wife's honor, at her home, the night before our wedding.

After we got back from our honeymoon, her friend sent me this photo of my fiancee right after she had fucked one of the strippers at the bachelor party.

Most men would have divorced their wives over this, but all I said to my wife was, "Did it taste good?" Her reply was, "Yes, and I have a date with that same guy on Friday."

Jackie knew I'd like the photo. I used to date her too, a long time ago, and she used to cheat on me all the time, knowing it would both torture me and turn me on. Most women are afraid to admit it, but they love being sluts - especially if they have a hubby that loves them for it!

Photo of by girlfriend cuckolding me