Get naked and show me that little thing all locked up

You obey your girlfriend's orders to go downstairs and do her and the roommate's laundry.

"There should be something down there for you as well to keep you occupied," she says.

Her last words confused you, but you make your way downstairs anyway. You turn the corner at the bottom of the stairs to see the roommate standing in the laundry room naked with all of their dirty laundry on the floor. She turns slowly to you...

"Finally, I was starting to wonder how long I'd be waiting. You look confused. Well, your girlfriend is getting annoyed with you always hanging around when she has her lover over, so she though she would have you come down here and spend some time with me while she spends some alone time with him upstairs. How lucky am I that she decided to lock you up last night? Oh yes, I know about that too. She tells me everything, including how small your little dick is.

Now strip! Get naked and show me that little thing all locked up. Next, I want you to get all this laundry picked up and get it done. Depending on how good of a job you do, maybe I'll let you caress my legs after while I use my new dildo. You'd like that, wouldn't you? I can't wait to see your dick strain inside your new cage.

She decided to lock you up last night