Get your husband hooked on being a cuckold

Ladies, don't be sad that your wedding day means you're committing to just one man, and you'll never be able to have sex with anyone else. That just isn't true! You can have sex with any guy you want, any time. All you have to do is to get your husband hooked on being a cuckold, and he'll beg you to go out and spread your legs for other guys.

No, really! And it's not that hard to do. You just need to manipulate him a little. Catch him looking at porn. Then convince him that you understand how men need to watch sex, and how it's such a big turn-on for them that you're okay with it.

From there, it's pretty easy to get from watching a video to watching something live) If you can just convince him to watch you live, you've got him! You can make it his obsession, and soon he'll actually want you to be with other men so he can watch.

Of course, he'll lose interest in sex with you, but that won't matter. You'll have all the guys you want, and he'll be thrilled to be your cuckold...

Hisband beggin you to spread your legs for other guys