Girls refer to it as ballbusting and she would like to do it to you

Don't look so shocked. There only boobs and it is not what you think. I am not coming onto you in fact quite the opposite. I don't mind you staying over and sleeping in the top bunk but there is just one thing. I don't want you masturbating and the thought of you doing so freaks me out. So I have thought of a way to stop you.

If you don't mind I would like to cause you serious testicle damage by kicking them repeatedly. Some of the girls refer to it as ballbusting and I would like to do it to you. The idea is that if I damage your testicles so they are very swollen and sore then you can't masturbate. I will have to kick you very hard and a good number of times to cause the necessary damage.

This unfortunately will be very painful for you. I will try not to damage you permanently but I do have to be harsh so I can't promise there won't be permanent damage. Its is important we do this so I can be sure you wont be able to play with yourself. Would you please let me kick you please? I would make me feel a lot better knowing you have taken a serious kicking?

That's very kind of you I am glad you understand. Can you take your clothes off please I would like to make a start. Just stand with your legs apart and your hands behind your back. Good that's exactly how I want you.

When I have finished the kicks a friend of mine told me another step to make defiantly sure you don't masturbate. I will push a thick needle right though both of your testicles then lye you in bed face down. I will tie your hands behind your back and will tie some string around your testicles then use it to pull them up behind you so they are between your legs. Then lastly I will tie your legs together so as to crush your testicles all night. I think it is best you are in constant pain.

You are welcome to come and stay again if you don't mind being put though all this. Anyway it is getting late so I should start with the kicks. This is going to be very painful for you but you will have to try and take it. Letting me do all this to you means a lot so thank you.

Are you ready?

Testicles very swollen and sore