Go and fetch me your chastity belt please

Honey, it was you the one who promised me yesterday, that you were not playing basket with the kid while I was in the mall, wasn't you? You were also, the one who said that the broken glass in the backyard was because of a windmill, wasn't you?

So could you explain now, why the neighbour has just kindly handed me the basket ball, that jumped YESTERDAY over the fence?

No words? No paranormal phenomenon to explain that?

Well, then better go to fetch me your chastity belt please.

Pants down, hands on your head!


Well honey it's going to stay there until you and our son handwrite ten thousand times the following sentence:

It's forbidden to play with the ball at the backyard because something could end broken and I never; ever, must tell lies to mummy.

If I were you, I would write the most of the lines. You know, our son is only nine, so it takes sometime for him to write long sentences... anyway, it's up to you.

It depends on how in a hurry you become, but I would bet... you will be in a hurry in a few days.

Pants down, hands on your head