Go to the bedroom and fetch me your chastity device

Hello dear. Finally at home!

Why am I waiting for you like this? Well honey, to be honest I was devoting to check your curfew time.

Which is your curfew time supposed to be? Yes dear, and what time is it?

21,55? No dear, the clock shows five past ten.

Really? Are you saying that this clock run fast?

Oh dear, what a poor excuse, iln that case, whose reponsability would it be to keep it on time? Aren't you the one doing the housechores?

So I don't want know anything regarding that clock matter. Maybe from now on, you will take more care about details.

From my point of view is within of sight the you have arrived five minutes later and to break curfew time whithout calling, is a major offense.

So go to the bedroom and fetch me your chastity device. Bring me the spikes also, you know they are on due in case of major offenses.

Don't be so sad darling. Five weeks pass in a blink of eyes!

Five weeks in chastity will pass in a blink of eye