Hard ballbusting means permeant damage

Ok you know what to do. Remove all clothes and stand with your legs spread. Also keep your hands behind your back I don't want you tempted to grab your testicles after a kick. Hey, did you know we broke up 18 months ago?

It's amazing how fast time flies some times. You were good guy but it just was not working out so I still think it is best we split. Except for the weekly ballbust of course. Every Wednesday at 18:00 I am permitted to administer a ballbusting to of my chosen method and intensity. I am glad we signed the agreement as these sessions have been loads of fun for me.

I got these new shoes I am keen to try so I think we will start with kicks, full force as always. Are you ready?

What did you say? You are seeing another woman and you would like me to go easy on you so you can have sex with her? No that is completely unacceptable. We have an agreement and you will stick to it you should know that. I know I have a boyfriend but I can't bust him too hard you see. The problem is I need to be able to have sex with him plus I don't wan to risk a rupture. So I only kick his balls when he requires punishment.

This is why I need you with you I don't have to worry about your recovery or causing to much damage. I can kick full force or stomp you nice and hard. You know I enjoy hard ballbusting and that means permeant damage. Your balls have suffered so much they will probably fail soon any way. That's why I was actually planning on rupturing and destroying your testicles next month. I think it will be a great way to end out relationship.

Look I don't mind you seeing this girl but you should be honest with her about our agreement. Maybe show her your testicles after today's session and explain that they will be slowly tortured and destroyed soon. She is welcome to watch your final punishment if she likes.

I am sorry but I will not stop or even postpone a single session with you. I hope you can respect that.

Now where were we? That's right I was going to kick you with my new shoes and testicle damage has just become a priority. Now I am going to make the bleed.


Weekly ballbust of course