He fucked my girlfriend three times over the next two hours

Our neighbors Claude and Debbie visit us quite often. I've always been worried about the way Debbie jokes with my girl, Billie, about how huge Claude's cock is and about how she should get some BBC.

Billie always told her she was happy with me and that we were planning on getting married. But when Debbie got pregnant my girl seemed to get more and more interested in our neighbours.

As Debbie's belly swelled my girl would sit and touch it saying dreamily "I wish I had one." Today when I got home from work and found her sucking Claude's cock to hardness and caressing Debbie's belly I finally realized what it is she wants one of. Claude fucked her three times over the next two hours while Debbie laughed at me and encouraged me to wank off, telling me I'd better get used to it because "Claude's cock is going to change her priorities.

From now on fucking Claude and all his friends is all your little Billie is going to think about." I know she's right and that I'm not going to be able to stop Billie. If she hasn't got what she's so desperate for in nine months I'm pretty sure she won't have to wait much longer than that.

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