He shot his load into my wife's mouth | Cuckold stories

I mournfully sipped my green beer as my wife bent over, her ample breasts in full display, and sucked off the guy on the bar stool next to her. He enjoyed her oral manipulations for 12 minutes, commenting vulgarly to me about how good she felt, what an idiot I was to let her do this, how he was going to take her home and fuck her properly...

I just nodded, smiled weakly, and sipped my beer. With a mighty bellow, he shot his load into her mouth, grunting heavily for several minutes. His huge, thick, spent cock plopped out of her mouth, the shaft shiny from her saliva, yet amazingly free of cum. He got up and told her that he'd meet her outside.

I looked as my wife sat up, tipped her hat, and gave me a huge kiss. As he hand held my head in place, she opened her mouth and pushed all of his cum into my mouth! Her tongue forcing his wad into my mouth as I choked on his salty goo and her warm spit!

Once it was all in my, she broke contact chugging my beer as I tried to stop from heaving, she tipped her hat to me again, and without a single word, was gone...

Wife pushed his cum into my mouth

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