Her friend was recommending using needle to torture testicles

Right then that is the last of the restraints secure. I would not normally tie you up but tonight is special as it is your birthday I thought we should do something different. I was thinking this could be your birthday present.

Remember last week when my friend was recommending using needle to torture the testicles and how she finds it a lot of fun? I thought she was onto something and we or at least I would really enjoy it. She also recommended I tie you up so I can use as many needles as I want and take my time pushing them in. I know you were scared of this kind of torture but the testicles are mine and I have the right to do what I want to them.

O thanks Hun I glad you understand.

We have all day and a box full of needles for me to carefully work though your balls. I'm not sure what a safe number of needles per balls are so we'll just have to guess? I'll start with 15 for each one then go from there.

Right! I will start with the left testicle. I have it caught in my fingers so it can't escape, now the first needle, can you feel the sharp point on your sac? You can I know you can. Now I place my finger on the top on the needle and start to apply force. There it goes. Wait don't look down, I want you to look in to my eyes so I can see the pain this is causing you. Now slowly,

Slowly. I bet you can feel each millimeter it penetrates. I love you hunney.

Your testicles are her's she can do what she want to them