Her hubby was lacking in both technique and in the manhood department

She smiled as this young man, just turned 18, pawing at her breasts and sloppily licking and sucking at her nipples like a starving child, but she felt... good! It had been a long process for her, mostly internal, about whether or not to embrace her cougar side and cuckold her husband.

Physically, she ached for anybody to touch her, as her hubby was lacking in both technique and in the manhood department. He barely was inside her and he'd come! But when she noticed the young men in the neighborhood giving her the eye, at first she didn't believe it. But one became so brazen that it was so obvious what he wanted.

So she flirted with him, flattered for the attention. But what tipped her was when she saw him walking down their street wearing shorts that barely hid him. And even from a distance, she could tell he was... well, Huge!

And when she felt herself getting turned on... she knew her answer. And now, here he is, his huge cock so hard... and so long... and thick. True what he lacked in skills, he made up for in enthusiasm! But they had time. Oh. They had lots of time for her to teach him! But for now, she was content to feel an enthusiastic man touch and grope her body...

Embrace her cougar side and cuckold her husband