Her knee flew up into my crotch, crushing my balls

My wife looked tired when she got home from work. Concerned, I asked her how her day went. She told me that she had to spend the day training an uppity intern who wasn't too pleased that he would be working under a woman.

Kind of surprised that an attitude like that existed in today's workplace, I asked her what she did. She walked up to me and looked up into my eyes. I saw a cold fury which frightened me, but before I could react, her knee flew up into my crotch, catching my balls square, crushing them against my body!

My breath exploded from me as I couldn't breathe in, my eyes saw white and my muscles contracted I. Her knee held me momentarily as my weight further crushed my now swelling sack against her knee. As she released me, I crumpled to the ground in a fetal position, moaning in pain. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

In her hand was a switch. My wife looked at me with contempt and replied that she was glad I asked how I dealt with him, but she decided it would be more fun to show me...

Crushed my swelling sack against her knee