Her nipples were stretched and easily ready for the metal clamps over

Andrea nodded slowly and pushed her leather bodice down to expose her breasts.

Ok Tim. If... if that's what you want, go ahead.

Grimacing, the housewife steeled herself as his hands reached out, teasing and worrying her nipples. Responding quickly, they hardened under his attentions and were soon ready.

Pinching her now hard nipple he stretched it out and easily slid the metal clamp over it. Then he began slowly tightened it. His eyes bore into hers, gauging her every reaction as the hard metal squeezed unyieldingly at her sensitive flesh. When she gasped aloud he smiled and tightened it twice more.

Then he moved to the other. In a few minutes she sat before him as he admired his work. Her nipples screamed out to her as he smiled.

Pulling up her bodice he covered her breasts and sent electric shards racing thru her.

And now the games would begin...

Her nipples screamed out to her as he smiled