Her university runs a course in ballbusting and testicular torture

Hey professor thanks for meeting with me after class I have a favor to ask. As you know the university runs a course in ballbusting and testicular torture for the female students that I am sitting this year. It is a great class it encourages the use of ballbusting and teaches us how to do it properly so as to inflict as much pain as possible on a man. Have you heard of it?

That's good I am sure you are a fan of it as well. The problem I have is with kicking a man in the testicles at full force. I find when kicking lightly I can aim my foot perfectly but when I am kicking with all my strength I am not as accurate.

To get an A grade I need to be able to trap a testicle between my foot and man's body with a kick. When the testicle is trapped it is compressed and that is incredibly painful and is a great way to inflict serious damage. I am just having a bit of trouble so I wonder if you could help me.

I was hoping I could practice on you for a while. I need a man who I can work on who is ok with me causing quite a bit damage to his testicles. There will be bruising and a good deal of swelling like I said I need to practice full force kicks. Will you let me practice on you?

That's great. Thank you so much you're a great guy. The thing is I could do with a man to take say weekly sessions who can give me feedback on how I am improving each week. I could even pop by though out the week to se how you are recovering from each session. That would be a great help to me. It will mean a lot of pain and it will be necessary for me to cause lasting damage most weeks. Would that be ok?

Thanks you are so helpful. It is nice to meet a man who understands that ballbusting is a good thing and should be used in society. For the rest of the semester we will be working on kicking the testicles. Then we will cover stomping and full weight crushing. After that we study the use of vice clamps and needles. I will probably cause your testicles some serious and permeant damage over the year to come but we should just accept that. I hear the needles they give us have barbs on the so they slice the inside of your testicle when turned. That should be fun.

But for tonight I would like to work on kicking. You should take off your pants and we'll get started.

Ballbusting teaches girls how to torture men properly