His girlfriend dressing him up as a girl

See her there? The one in the black dress. That is the one I was telling you about. Her real name is Mike. She's really a guy! Her girlfriend, Andrea, has her dressing up as a girl when they go out! She's turned him into a sissy! Watch her tonight. Shell find some guy, seduce him, and take him home! And Mike gets off thinking that nobody notices he's really a guy under that wig and all that makeup.

I wonder if those are breast forms in his bra, or if she made him get implants? Just keep smiling. Don't let him know we're on to him) In fact, we should play a joke on him. Let's bring Tim over here, and tell him to put the moves on her. Let's see how "she" reacts when a guy hits on "her". This is going to be so much fun!

She's turned him into a sissy