His hand traced a line down her chest over her breasts

The 30-ish wife stared at the dark skinned youth, greeted him and then ushered him into her kitchen.

Tom spoke with you?

Diana nodded nervously eyeing his chiseled features and the fluid way the the lean young man moved.

Her husband had contacted him 2 weeks ago. They'd been seeing a couple's counselor and hit a dead end. Their marriage was fine, but their sex life was in shambles with Diana almost wholly uninterested.

He smiled softly at her with bright white teeth and invited her to sit beside him. She changed seats. He stared at her with a big soft smile, his hand brushing her hair out of her eyes. She felt fluid like she was melting under his hot gaze.

You want this? He whispered softly as his dark fingers traced her neckline. She felt herself nodding. Then she heard his soft voice, well, very well, she purred his hand traced a line down her chest over her breasts, she gasped aloud when it hit her thighs and she opened her legs for him.

He leaned in and kissed her neck softly as his fingers danced inside the cuff of her shorts. Take me to your bed Colleen; take me to your bed...

She opened her legs for him