His hands wandered over every inch of my beautiful wife

My wife had worked hard to get her body just how she wanted it. She'd spent most of the last 8 months in the gym.

When we heard about the tryouts to become a bikini model, it didn't take much convincing on my part to get her to jump at the opportunity. She hated her office job, and definitely had the body to model swimwear.

I sat way back in the stands during the tryouts. The arena was packed with people, mostly guys there to ogle the women."

With my camera out, I snapped dozens of pictures of my wife on stage doing her runway walk. I'd never been more proud of her. She looked so beautiful and confident.

While making her way off the stage, one of the judges waved her over. I watched through the telephoto lens while they chatted. She then surprised me when she sat on that judges lap. Throughout the rest of the competition, his hands wandered over every inch of my beautiful bride. I think that guy even fingered her!

She won the competition. I haven't seen her for more than 6 months. She's been traveling to every tropical location imaginable modeling swimwear. She calls from time to time, each time I worry she'll ask for a divorce.

Wife definitely has the body to model swimwear