Honey, thank you for sharing me with your friend

Oh, honey! I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing me with your friend Tom! He's so much bigger than you are, and the way he made me climax was so much better than anything you've ever done to me! He's such a strong man, so handsome, so hot! He wants to go another round with me. Can I? Please? Oh thank you dear!

I'm so glad it turns you on to think of me in bed with another guy! Just imagine how wonderful it's going to be this time! Now that he just came, he'll last longer, and he's going to fuck me so hard I won't be walking right for a week.

Oh, by the way, after what he did for me last time, I promised him that this round we wouldn't be using a condom. I want to maximize his pleasure, just like he did for me. I hope you can understand that it's not enough just to give him my body. I need to make sure his orgasm is as good as the one he gave to me!

I'll probably be so exhausted that I'll fall asleep in his bed, so don't bother waiting up for me tonight! Thanks for everything honey. You're the best husband a girl could ever have!

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  • You're probably which one of us is going to fuck your ass tonight?
Think of me in bed with another guy