Hopefully she can make your balls bleed with kicking

Come on baby stay on your feet. I know you can take it my love, just try for me ok. We still have another 40 kicks to go before we are done.

I can't believe you came out and did not bring any money. How are you supposed to buy me things when you don't have any money? This is why you are being punished. This is why I have sentenced you to 120 kicks to the testicles. The punishment is fair and you deserve very single kick.

I love you baby but I have to be cruel, coming out with no money is completely unacceptable. I have been kicking you as hard as I can but only because I want you to learn from this. I have wanted to cause as much testicle damage as I can and it is showing.

Your testicles look very swollen and you have done well to stand and take all that. I see you are in a lot of pain but keep your hands behind your back and your legs spread. You have taken 80 kicks but you still have 40 more to go. Now that I am rested I can kick harder and now your balls are swollen it will hurt you more. So we both benefit. You deserve this punishment and it is important I make it as painful as I can.

Ok babe brace yourself, I am going to try and cause as much damage to your testicles as possible. So try to be still so the kicks land perfectly. Hopefully I can make them bleed.

She wanted to cause as much testicle damage as she can