How about her crushing both balls at once and this time she'll make crush a little harder?

Ok then I have your testicles in my hands. Which one would you like me to squeeze first? I'll start with the left one. Shall we say 2 minutes of squeezing per ball to start? It may not sound like long but I have a very firm grip so I should be able to cause you a lot of pain. Ready?


Told you I had a firm grip. Now the right testicle.


You look like you are struggling. I like seeing how much pain I can put you in and I do enjoy hurting a man by mistreating his testicles. How about I crush both balls at once and this time I crush a little harder? Shall we say 5 minutes or crushing? You might want to hold onto something.

Squeeze! Its ok just works though the pain. Just look at me while I have my fun with your balls.

That was a tough one wasn't it? You even have tears in your eyes and I can feel your testicles starting to swell. Next I think I will push my nails into your balls. That will be even more painful for you and I will squeeze you for 5 minutes on each ball. I wonder if you will scream because of the pain. Let's find out.


Wow your balls are really swollen now and I can feel they have gotten softer because of the damage. I can see little bruises where I have pushing in my nails. I bet flicking them will really hurt you wouldn't it. It was great to hear you crying out in pain, when I pushed in my nails it did not take long at all. You know you're really cute when you are in pain.

That was fun; thanks for letting me bust you balls. I can take my hands of your damaged testicles now. Unless of course you would like me to continue?

Ok then I have your testicles in my hand