How am I sitting here watching my best friend groping my now naked wife?

How the FUCK does he do it?!?

That's my best buddy over there. Known him since college, and he has always been a ladies man! He could pick up chicks and get them to do whatever he wanted. Hell, he even got a few to bang me when I would strike out!

That's my wife over there, too! She's got several college degrees, a law license, works at a prestigious firm, and makes three times what I do. She is the smartest person I know and doesn't put up with bullshit!

I asked him just what was his secret to women, and he smiles, saying he really couldn't tell me, but he could show me. My wife comes home from work dressed in her full business suit and had overheard him, saying that she, too, would like to see this. She posed it more of a threat than a question...

So how the fuck am I sitting here watching my best friend groping my now naked wife, his hands gently cupping, caressing, and lifting her breast, her nipple hard to the touch, her head back breathing heavily and trying to talk, mostly spouting gibberish, as she tries to grab his ass and push his body into hers, all while his hand glides down her flat stomach and ever so gentle touches her clit as she starts to orgasm (and I KNOW what her orgasms are like!)...? I don't even know if my buddy is hard, as he is still fully clothed! He just stands there, slowly murmuring to my wife as his hands work her squirming body into frenzy!

And the sad thing is, whatever he did to her, I didn't catch it! Maybe when they are done, he'll show me again...

Slowly murmuring to my wife working her body into frenzy