How long have you been without your chastit device?

Well, darling. You have got a great achievement!

How long have you been without your little chastity tube?

Four whole weeks! Really? I am proud of you honey!

We have enjoyed great intimate moments during all those weeks, haven't we?

The improvement of your behaviour, makes me sure that you need to be firmly guided through the straight path, as we did before.

You see, after four weeks offreddom, you have forgotten to open the car's door for me. That's not acceptable, so it's quite clear I cannot be easy on you.

For the next two weeks, the only thing able to be strighten will be your manners!

So you haven't forgotten the routine of how this chastity thing works, have you? Then... Drop your pants, hand me your chastity device and put your hands on your head!


Hand me your chastity device