Huge cocked stranger who easily seduced my wife

I mournfully walk away from the two new found lovers: My wife, the woman I have loved for all these years, and this huge cocked stranger who easily seduced my wife with his superior cock! He hasn't even fucked her yet!

Hell, she hasn't even touched his cock, at least not since I spotted them together! Yet here I watch as they ardently embrace, their heads moving as their tongues intertwine, her hands holding his head as she moves her legs between his, keeping his huge cock on display between them!

I sigh as I remember how she once kissed me that way, eager to get my manhood into her warm... moist... inviting body... I can't watch this any more! I gotta get out of here! But suddenly I freeze! There are my pants, with my wallet, and my keys, next to her head! That bastard spotted me before.

That's probably why he's making such a deal about kissing my wife and showing off his long, thick cock (is... is a foot long? Why the fuck is I thinking this shit?). I don't want her to see me like this, crying like a baby, unable to be a man and claim my woman... What the fuck am I going to do...

My wife is keeping his huge cock in between her legs