Husband is in chastity and the wife cuckolds him

My wife usually didn't drink and if she did, she stayed away from beer. I never knew why.

After she found my porn stash where the husband is in chastity and the wife cuckolds him, she confronted me and told me that we were going to try this out tonight. Then she pulled out a cock cage and locked it on me.

When we got to the bar she told me that she didn't drink beer because whenever she did in college, she would find herself the next morning in the middle of a pile of guys with cum in every place it could be. Then she sat down and showed me that she was keeping the access easy and ordered beer after beer from the bartender. After beer number four, she told me to get lost.

She would be home in the morning for a cleanup. As I walked away, I looked back to see that she was now sitting exposed for everyone to see while she drank more. Judging from the group of guys discussing this, she was well on her way towards another wild night and in a few hours, I would be cuckolded.

Cock cage locked on me