Husband who would never again have sex with his wife

After I became a cuckold and lost my wife's body to him, I cried and cried. I loved her so much, and wanted more than anything for her to stay with me! It took a long time for me to accept my place in her life as a husband who would never again have sex with his wife.

I remained her best friend and her closest confidant, but I would never again make love to her. That was what he was for. He became her stud, her lover and the one to satisfy her in bed. From the guest room, I'd hear her moaning as he brought her to heights of pleasure I never could.

It used to make me cry, but now I've accepted it, and I even jerk myself off to the sounds of her pleasure as I listen through the wall. As her tummy started to swell with his love-child, I found myself accepting of the fact that I wasn't the father.

I love my wife more than ever, and I'll rasie the baby as my own. She's the most important thing in the world to me, and her happiness matters more to me than even my own. I'm such a lucky man to have her as my wife!

After I became cuckold and lost my wife's body