I am going to fix the chastity device on you

Dear, today is my girlfriends party night.

You know I don't like you loafing around while I am out, so as usual I am going to fix the chastity device on you. Look for it in the room and hand it to me, please.

Meanwhile I am wrting down the list of chores I want you to do tonight. I suppose I will be back very late, so I am ordering you chores enough to keep you busy all night long.

As soon as I return, go to the corner and push your nose against the wall. I dont wont to hear any noise or movement, I will be exhausted and looking forward to sllep tide.

I will call you n the morning to prepare my breakfast and to inspect your work. I warn you that if I find any mistake or I considerer you have not worked hard enough, your CB could stay on for several days.

OK honey I must go now. Drop your pants, please.

Look for chastity device and hand it to me