A blush of cuckolding embarrassment

As soon as my wife got home from her date, I asked her if she wouldn't cuckold me any more. She told me to take off my pants and stand in front of her. I did so. Then she told me to touch my dick and start jacking off so she could watch!

I was hard almost instantly as I wrapped my hand around my shaft. She told me to look at her body while I wanked off. I did so, pumping my self faster to the site of my beautiful wife, her breasts slowing raising and lowering with each breath she took!

She wasn't really watching me, kinda past me, when she suddenly said: I let him come in me I lost it as my load squirt out! I pumped myself as fast I could, hoping to impress the woman I love with my manly display of virility! As my orgasmic high subsided, I looked at her. She was watching my cock, now retreated into my fist, a little bubble of cum left behind.

I felt a blush of embarrassment, both at the wimpiness of my load and at how easily my wife manipulated me. She then looked at me directly in the eyes and answered my question: no.

Slave is feeling a blush of embarrassment