I cut my husband off from sex with me

When I cut my husband off from sex with me, and I started dating other men, I was pleased at how it change him, taking away his aggression and several other undesirable male traits. So I decided it would be even better if I could turn him into not just a cuckold, but a sissy as well!

But he resisted being dressed up and being made to act like a girl. I knew I needed strong action. I needed to make sure he didn't think of himself as a man anymore. That was when I bought myself a nice big strap-on, and went to work using it on him. I reminded him how he had been begging me for sex, and said it had to be this way now.

After a few times of being "the woman", he started to give in. It didn't take much after that for me to get him into skirts and panties. Now I'm training him to be my maid, so he can clean the house while I'm out on a date with another man.

I'm training him to be my maid