I finally caught wife in bed with another man while she sucked him

My wife pleaded with me to let her continue her job as a to your doorstep masseur. She claimed that the pay was better and time was more flexible. Seeing her earnestness, I agreed. But soon, I found out the real reason why she loved her job so much. I finally caught her in bed with another man, while she sucked him and he ate her pussy.

I confronted them, to my wife's horror. She was so stunned she was lost for words. I asked what she was up to, and she claimed it was part of her massage therapy...

"No, it's not what it seems... I am only helping him massage him vital organ... with my mouth... it helps release the tension. Really, trust me dear..." she tried explaining to me.

"Then why is he eating your pussy?" I questioned her back.

"Errr, its part of the package... I provide beverage as well..." she answered...

Wife sucked him and he ate her pussy